About The School

Brynhafren County Primary School is a small rural primary school on the Powys / Shropshire border, overlooking the confluence of the Rivers Severn and Vrynwy.

It is situated between the villages of Crew Green and Bausley; just off the B4393 – north-west of Shrewsbury, north-east of Welshpool, and south-east of Oswestry, in the county of Powys, district of Montgomeryshire, in Mid-Wales, the United Kingdom.

As a Primary School in Wales, the school is subject to the curriculum, syllabuses, teaching delivery approaches, performance measurements, and the overall management requirements of the devolved Welsh Education System, as designed by the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG), and administered by the Local Education Authority (Powys LEA).

It is a mixed school of Non Denominational religion, Cymru School number: 2053.

The school was built in 1962 and has been extended in recent years with additional demountable classrooms.

It is also fortunate to have a good-sized playing field adjacent to the school which it shares with the local community.

In common with many smaller rural schools throughout Wales, a fall in the local school roll has meant that it too has recently been forced to reduce its staff-pupil ratio: it now has three full-time teachers (including the Headmaster).

However, despite these challenging conditions; its projected staff-pupil ratios remain very good for the future, and its dedicated Staff, Governors, and PTA Supporters are continuing to do everything humanly possible to maintain the high standards that have been achieved at the school over the years.

The schools schemes of work are consistently being reviewed and updated by the Staff.

The Governors and the PTA Supporters help enhance the Staff’s delivery of the curriculum by updating the school resources when ever and where ever possible to make maximum use of the most exciting developments available.

The school is very grateful to its small PTA fund raising organization, and to its other supporters for all of their efforts to raise much needed funds for direct use by the school, and also to its external supporters from the local community whom continue to contribute to the school in many and varied ways.

As a result of the most recent fund raising efforts, monies received from both the PTA and the Community permitted work to start on an ambitious up date of the schools’ computer suite; several new workstations, printers and scanners have been added – helping to extend the variety of activities that the school is now able to complete.

The school is looking forward to completing this upgrade now, as soon as further funds become available.

The Staff and Governors continue to monitor educational development, both on an individual basis and as a whole school.

The removal of the statutory testing in Wales has given the school more freedom and placed less pressure upon individual children.

However, it is still very important that the Staff make informed judgments about each individual’s educational progress on a regular basis, and they do so using a continual teacher assessment approach, backed up by the results of standardised tests.

All the key school policies (such as those on Health and Safety, Behavior and Discipline, and The School Day etc) are constantly under review.

Improvements and adaptations are regularly considered by the Staff and Governors in an effort to enhance the quality of school life for all, wherever possible.

All links between school, home, and the local community are considered very thoughtfully, and carefully promoted by the school.

The pupils’ parents are not only encouraged to assist with homework, but also to join in with some of the activities within school, and then make relevant comments that can help the staff with on-going assessments.

Parents and community friends are very much welcomed into the school, especially if they can help the children develop reading, art or sporting skills.

The school continues to achieve high academic standards and everyone in or connected to the school works tirelessly to make the school ethos and atmosphere cheerful, positive, considerate, caring and friendly.

The school actively promotes its official School Motto, which is: Tyfu a dysgu gyda’n gilydd – ‘Growing and Learning Together’.